Del Mar Photonics - Business Development - Sales

Current Sales are 1.5-2M$ per year

Why not higher?

1) we do not have professional sales people - sales are performed by technical personnel and basic administration
2) limited manufacturing capabilities - unable to manufacture larger quantities to have basic systems in stock
3) we often quote very long delivery times that results in the loss of potential orders
4) first years we had a lack of references and could not provide examples of where our lasers installed
5) we do not have demo center where people can come to see actual product
6) committed to product improvements and custom orders instead of scaling up of standard products

Investment will help to increase sales and reduce costs resulting in substantially larger profits

1) we'll be able to hire few professional sales people
2) we have good standard products and can manufacture standard components in larger quantities in order to reduce cost and lead time for standard products
3) we can have many smaller standard products in stock (autocorrelators, Faraday Isolators, femtosecond lasers kits, Fiber lasers etc..) and have shorter lead time on many other products.
4) now we can refer to many customers in USA and abroad, and even establish long term partnerships with existing customers for development of new products (multiphoton microscope based on Mavericks for neurobiology, AOTF tuning ...)
3) we'll be able to build a demo/R&D lab where potential customers can see actual products, work on integration of complete systems and perform tests of different potential applications (micromachining, imaging)