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Products Wavelength Max Output Power
 Fiber coupled  version are available for all the wavelength laser listed below

 (please contact us for the details)

UV Lasers     
  266nm Deep UV Lasers 266nm Pulsed Lasers (300mW)
  355nm UV Lasers 355nm CW Lasers (20mW)
    355nm Pulsed Lasers (1200mW)
  375nm UV Lasers 150mW
    2.5W(water cooled) coming soon
Visible DPSS Lasers  
  430nm Purple Lasers 5mW
  435nm Purple Lasers 5mW
  457nm Deep Blue Lasers 11W
  473nm Blue Lasers 2W
  480 nm Blue Lasers  200mW
  491 nm Blue Lasers  5mW
  501nm Green Lasers 5mW
  515nm Green Lasers 600mW
  523nm Green Lasers 1W
  526nm Green Lasers 1500mW
  532nm Green Lasers 21W
  543nm Green Lasers 2W
  556nm Green Lasers 2500mW
  561nm Green Lasers 1000mW
  589nm Yellow Lasers 3W
  593nm Yellow Lasers 1000mW
  656nm Red Laser  1000mW
  660nm Red Laser  2500mW
  671nm Red Lasers 6000mW)
  722 nm Red Lasers  100mW
Visible Diode collimated Lasers  
  405nm Purple Lasers 500mW
    8W(water cooled) coming soon
    1W(air cooled) coming soon
  410nm Purple Lasers 500mW
  440nm Blue Lasers 700mW
  442nm Blue Lasers 700mW
  445nm Blue Lasers 700mW
  447nm Blue Lasers 2000mW
  473nm Blue Lasers 15mW
  488 Blue Lasers 50mW
  635nm Red Lasers 5W
  640nm  Red lasers  300mW
  650nm Red Lasers 3W
  655nm 3W
  660nm Red Lasers 3W
  670nm 80mW
  675nm 80mW
  680nm 600mW
  685 nm Red lasers 20mW
  690nm Red Lasers 800mW
  705 nm Red lasers     30mW
  730nm Red Lasers 1000mW
  750nm Red Lasers 1000mW
  780nm Red Lasers 2000mW
  785nm Red Lasers 2000mW
  790nm Red Lasers 2500mW
  795nm Red Lasers 2500mW
  798nm Red Lasers 2500mW
Infrared DPSS Lasers  
  914nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1000mW
  946nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1000mW
  1030nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 150mW
  1047nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1500mW
  1053nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 2000mW
  1064nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 100W
  1085nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 600mW
  1112nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 150mW
  1122nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 400mW
  1313nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1500mW
  1319nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 2000mW
  1342nm Infrared DPSS Lasers  7W
  1444nm Infrared Lasers 300mW
  1573nm  Infrared Lasers 500mW(Q-switched)
Infrared Diode collimated Lasers  
  808nm Infrared Lasers 80W
  830nm Infrared lasers  800mW
  840nm Infrared lasers  50mW
  845nm Infrared lasers  50mW
  850nm Infrared Lasers 25W
  870nm Infrared Lasers 5mW
  880nm Infrared Lasers 800mW
  885nm Infrared lasers   1500mW
  890nm Infrared Lasers 1500mW
  904nm Infrared Lasers 25W
  905nm Infrared Lasers 100W
  915nm Infrared Lasers 8W
  940nm Infrared Lasers  8W
  965nm Infrared Lasers 2000mW
  975nm Infrared Lasers 7000mW
  980nm Infrared Lasers 80W
  1064nm Infrared Lasers 1.5W
  1310nm Infrared Lasers 80mW
  1450nm Infrared lasers 500mW
  1470nm Infrared lasers 800mW
  1530nm Infrared Lasers 20W fiber laser
  1550nm Infrared Lasers 40W
  1560nm Infrared lasers 1000mW
  1700nm Infrared lasers 12W fiber laser
  1870nm Infrared lasers 1000mW
  1900nm Infrared lasers 1000mW
  1940nm Infrared lasers 1000mW
  2200nm Infrared lasers 700mW
Low Noise Lasers    
low noise version are available for all LM laser module products
(please contact us for the details)
  457nm Deep Blue Lasers 11W
  473nm Blue Lasers 600mW
  515nm Green Lasers 150mW
  523nm Green Lasers 100mW
  526nm Green Lasers 100mW
  532nm Green Lasers 21W
  543nm Green Lasers 150mW
  556nm Green Lasers 100mW
  561nm Green Lasers 200mW
  593nm Yellow Lasers 50mW
  660nm Red Laser  500mW
  671nm Red Lasers 5000mW
  914nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1000mW
  946nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1000mW
  1030nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 150mW
  1047nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1200mW
  1053nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 2000mW
  1064nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 100W
  1085nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 600mW
  1112nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 150mW
  1122nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 400mW
  1313nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1200mW
  1319nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 2000mW
  1342nm Infrared DPSS Lasers  6000mW
  1444nm Infrared Lasers 300mW
Single Longitude Mode Lasers  
  473nm Blue Lasers 150mW
  523nm Green Lasers 100mW
  526nm Green Lasers 100mW
  532nm Green Lasers 500mW
  671nm Red Lasers 150mW
  1064nm Infrared DPSS Lasers 1200mW
  1342nm Infrared DPSS Lasers  300mW
Q-switched / Pulsed Lasers  
  266nm Passively/Actively
  355nm  Passively/Actively
  532nm Passively/Actively
  656nm Passively
  660nm Passively
  1047nm Passively
  1053nm Passively
  1064nm Passively/Actively
  1313nm Passively
  1319nm Passively
  1573nm Actively
RGB/RG version are available(please contact us for the details)
Laser Pointers 405nm   

Product news and updates - Training Workshops - Featured Customer - Other News

Del Mar Photonics is your one stop source for ultrafast (femtosecond) as well as continuum wave (CW) narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire lasers Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles LH is a new series of high quality femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers for applications in scientific research, biological imaging, life sciences and precision material processing. Trestles LH includes integrated sealed, turn-key, cost-effective, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS). Trestles LH lasers offer the most attractive pricing on the market combined with excellent performance and reliability. DPSS LH is a state-of-the-art laser designed for today’s applications. It combines superb performance and tremendous value for today’s market and has numerous advantages over all other DPSS lasers suitable for Ti:Sapphire pumping. Trestles LH can be customized to fit customer requirements and budget.

Reserve a spot in our Femtosecond lasers training workshop in San Diego, California. Come to learn how to build a femtosecond laser from a kit

DPSS DMP LH series lasers will pump your Ti:Sapphire laser. There are LH series lasers installed all over the world pumping all makes & models of oscillator. Anywhere from CEP-stabilized femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators to ultra-narrow-linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire oscillators. With up to 10 Watts CW average power at 532nm in a TEMoo spatial mode, LH series lasers has quickly proven itself as the perfect DPSS pump laser for all types of Ti:Sapphire or dye laser.
Ideal for pumping of:

Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
T&D-scan laser spectrometer based on narrow line CW Ti:Sapphire laser

New laser spectrometer OB' for research studies demanding fine resolution and high spectral density of radiation within UV-VIS-NIR spectral domains New laser spectrometer T&D-scan for research  that demands high resolution and high spectral density in UV-VIS-NIR spectral domains - now available with new pump option!
The T&D-scan includes a CW ultra-wide-tunable narrow-line laser, high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven through USB interface as well as a software package. Novel advanced design of the fundamental laser component implements efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling as well as provides a state-of-the-art combined ultra-wide-tunable Ti:Sapphire & Dye laser capable of covering together a super-broad spectral range between 275 and 1100 nm. Wavelength selection components as well as the position of the non-linear crystal are precisely tuned by a closed-loop control system, which incorporates highly accurate wavelength meter.

Reserve a spot in our CW lasers training workshop in San Diego, California. Come to learn how to build a CW Ti:Sapphire laser from a kit

AOTF Infrared Spectrometer
Del Mar Photonics offer a handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF). This instrument is about the size and weight of a video camera, and can be battery operated. This unique, patented device is all solid-state with no moving parts. It has been sold for a wide variety of applications such as liquid fuel analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, gas monitoring and plastic analysis. Miniature AOTF infrared spectrometer uses a crystal of tellurium dioxide to scan the wavelength. Light from a light source enters the crystal, and is diffracted into specific wavelengths. These wavelengths are determined by the frequency of the electrical input to the crystal. Since there are no moving parts, the wavelength scanning can be extremely fast. In addition, specific wavelengths can be chosen by software according to the required algorithm, and therefore can be modified without changing the hardware. After the infrared radiation reflects off of the sample, it is converted into an electrical signal by the detector and analyzed by the computer. Del Mar Photonics is looking for international distributors for RAVEN - AOTF IR spectrometer for plastic identification and for variety of scientific and industrial collaborations to explore futher commercial potential of AOTF technology.
New: AOTF spectrometer to measure lactose, fat and proteins in milk

Open Microchannel Plate Detector MCP-MA25/2

Open Microchannel Plate Detector MCP-MA25/2 - now in stock!
Microchannel Plate Detectors MCP-MA series are an open MCP detectors with one or more microchannel plates and a single metal anode. They are intended for time-resolved detection and make use of high-speed response properties of the MCPs. MCP-MA detectors are designed for photons and particles detection in vacuum chambers or in the space. MCP-MA detectors are used in a variety of applications including UV, VUV and EUV spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, TOF mass–spectrometry of clusters and biomolecules, surface studies and space research.
MCP-MA detectors supplied as a totally assembled unit that can be easily mounted on any support substrate or directly on a vacuum flange. They also can be supplied premounted on a standard ConFlat flanges. buy online - ask for research discount!


Hummingbird EMCCD camera Hummingbird EMCCD camera
The digital Hummingbird EMCCD camera combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution.
It uses Texas Instruments' 1MegaPixel Frame Transfer Impactron device which provides QE up to 65%.
Hummingbird comes with a standard CameraLink output.
It is the smallest and most rugged 1MP EMCCD camera in the world.
It is ideally suited for any low imaging application such as hyperspectral imaging, X-ray imaging, Astronomy and low light surveillance.
It is small, lightweight, low power and is therefore the ideal camera for OEM and integrators.
buy online
Femtosecond Transient Absorption Measurements system Hatteras Hatteras-D femtosecond  transient absorption data acquisition system
Future nanostructures and biological nanosystems will take advantage not only of the small dimensions of the objects but of the specific way of interaction between nano-objects. The interactions of building blocks within these nanosystems will be studied and optimized on the femtosecond time scale - says Sergey Egorov, President and CEO of Del Mar Photonics, Inc. Thus we put a lot of our efforts and resources into the development of new Ultrafast Dynamics Tools such as our Femtosecond Transient Absorption Measurements system Hatteras. Whether you want to create a new photovoltaic system that will efficiently convert photon energy in charge separation, or build a molecular complex that will dump photon energy into local heat to kill cancer cells, or create a new fluorescent probe for FRET microscopy, understanding of internal dynamics on femtosecond time scale is utterly important and requires advanced measurement techniques.

Reserve a spot in our Ultrafast Dynamics Tools training workshop in San Diego, California.

Beacon Femtosecond Optically Gated Fluorescence Kinetic Measurement System - request a quote  - pdf
Beacon together with Trestles Ti:sapphire oscillator, second and third harmonic generators. Femtosecond optical gating (FOG) method gives best temporal resolution in light-induced fluorescence lifetime measurements. The resolution is determined by a temporal width of femtosecond optical gate pulse and doesn't depend on the detector response function. Sum frequency generation (also called upconversion) in nonlinear optical crystal is used as a gating method in the Beacon femtosecond fluorescence kinetic measurement system. We offer Beacon-DX for operation together with Ti: sapphire femtosecond oscillators and Beacon-DA for operation together with femtosecond amplified pulses.

Reserve a spot in our Ultrafast Dynamics Tools training workshop in San Diego, California.

Terahertz systems, set ups and components
New band pass and long pass THz optical filters based on porous silicon and metal mesh technologies.
Band pass filters with center wavelengths from 30 THz into GHz range and transmissions up to 80% or better. Standard designs
with clear aperture diameters from 12.5 to 37.5 mm.
Long pass filters with standard rejection edge wavelengths from 60 THz into GHz range. Maximum transmission up to 80% or
better, standard designs at 19.0 and 25.4 mm diameters.
Excellent thermal (from cryogenic to 600 K) and mechanical properties
THz products:
THz Spectrometer kit with Antenna
THz transmission setup
THz time domain spectrometer Pacifica fs1060pca
THz time domain spectrometer Pacifica fs780pca
THz detectors: Golay cell and LiTaO3 piroelectric detectors
PCA - Photoconductive Antenna as THz photomixer
Pacifica THz Time Domain Spectrometer - Trestles Pacifica
Holographic Fourier Transform Spectrometer for THz Region
Wedge TiSapphire Multipass Amplifier System - THz pulses generation
Terahertz Spectroscopic Radar Mobile System for Detection of Concealed Explosives
Band pass filters with center wavelengths from 30 THz into GHz range
Long pass filters with standard rejection edge wavelengths from 60 THz into GHz range
Generation of THz radiation using lithium niobate
Terahertz crystals (THz): ZnTe, GaP, LiNbO3 - Wedge ZnTe

iPCA - interdigital Photoconductive Antenna for terahertz waves
Large area broadband antenna with lens array and high emitter conversion efficiency
iPCA with LT-GaAs absorber, microlens array for laser excitation wavelengths
l £  850 nm, adjusted hyperhemispherical silicon lens with a high power conversion efficiency of 0.2 mW THz power / W optical power. The iPCA can be used also as large area THz detector. The two types iPCAp and iPCAs have the same active interdigital antenna area but different contact pad directions with respect to the electrical THz field.
Interdigital Photoconductive Antenna for terahertz waves generation using femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser

THz books
IntraStage lowers the cost of test data management!

Struggling with gigabytes or terabytes of test data?
IntraStage easily transforms test data from disparate sources into web-based quality metrics and engineering intelligence you can use.

Contact us today to discuss your test management requirements and specifications of your application.

Training Workshops

Come to San Diego next summer! Attend one of our training workshops in San Diego, California during summer 2011
Del Mar Photonics has presented training workshops for customers and potential customers in the past 3 years.
Our workshops cover scientific basics, technical details and provide generous time for hands-on training.
Each workshop is a three-day seminar conducted by professional lecturer from 10am to 4pm. It includes lunch, as well as a training materials. We have also reserved two days for Q&A sessions, one-on-one system integration discussions, social networking, and San Diego sightseeing.

The following training workshops will be offered during this summer:
1. Femtosecond lasers and their applications
2. CW narrow line-width widely tunable lasers and their applications
3. Adaptive optics and wavefront sensors

4. Ultrafast (femtosecond) dynamics tools

Featured Customer

Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system at UC Santa Cruz Center of Nanoscale Optofluidics

Del Mar Photonics offers new Trestles fs/CW laser system which can be easily switched from femtosecond mode to CW and back. Having both modes of operation in one system dramatically increase a number of applications that the laser can be used for, and makes it an ideal tool for scientific lab involved in multiple research projects.
Kaelyn Leake is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. She graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and Physics. Her research interests include development of nanoscale optofluidic devices and their applications. Kaelyn is the recipient of a first-year QB3 Fellowship. In this video Kaelyn talks about her experimental research in nanoscale optofluidics to be done with Trestles LH laser.

Reserve a spot in our femtosecond Ti:Sapphire training workshop in San Diego, California during summer 2011

Frequency-stabilized CW single-frequency ring Dye laser DYE-SF-007 pumped by DPSS DMPLH laser installed in the brand new group of Dr. Dajun Wang at the The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
DYE-SF-077 features exceptionally narrow generation line width, which amounts to less than 100 kHz. DYE-SF-077 sets new standard for generation line width of commercial lasers. Prior to this model, the narrowest line-width of commercial dye lasers was as broad as 500 kHz - 1 MHz. It is necessary to note that the 100-kHz line-width is achieved in DYE-SF-077 without the use of an acousto-optical modulator, which, as a rule, complicates the design and introduces additional losses. A specially designed ultra-fast PZT is used for efficient suppression of radiation frequency fluctuations in a broad frequency range. DYE-SF-077 will be used in resaerch of Ultracold polar molecules, Bose-Einstein condensate and quantum degenerate Fermi gas and High resolution spectroscopy

Other News

Optical Society of Southern California meeting at UCSD OSSC 2011-04-27
Nd:YAG laser ordered by the University of Leon, UANL, Mexico
Wedge 50 Multipass Amplifier pumped with a Darwin-527-30-M DPSS Laser ordered by Hong Kong customer
New Trestles LH10-fs/CW femtosecond+CW laser ready for delivery to the University of California Santa Cruz
Trestles femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser delivered to North Carolina State University
Del Mar Photonics sponsor IONS (International OSA Network of Students) conference IONS-NA-2 in Tucson, Arizona IONS-NA-2 website
Best talk and best poster awards at IONS-Moscow 2010 conference sponsored by Del Mar Photonics
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Del Mar Photonics featured components

Del Mar Photonics continuously expands its components portfolio.

Solar Prisms for Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems (CPV)
Solar cells made of compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide are very expensive. Usually very small cells are installed and various means such as mirrors, lenses, prisms, etc..are used  to concentrate sunlight on the cells. Concentration photovoltaic technology (CPV) uses the solar radiation with an efficiency of 40%, double that of conventional solar cells
Del Mar Photonics design custom Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems (CPV) and supply variety of the optical components for CPV such as solar prisms shown in the picture.

hexagonal light pipes, optical rods

Axicon Lens
Axicon lens also known as conical lens or rotationally symmetric prism is widely used in different scientific research and application. Axicon can be used to convert a parallel laser beam into a ring, to create a non diffractive Bessel beam or to focus a parallel beam into long focus depth.
Del Mar Photonics supplies axicons with cone angles range from 130° to 179.5° for use with virtually any laser radiation. We manufacture and supply axicons made from BK7 glass, fused silica and other materials.

download brochure -
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Del Mar Photonics offers optical elements made of high quality synthetically grown Rutile Titanium Dioxide crystals. Rutile (TiO2) coupling prisms
Del Mar Photonics offers optical elements made of high quality synthetically grown Rutile Titanium Dioxide crystals. Rutile’s strong birefringency, wide transmission range and good mechanical properties make it suitable for fabrication of polarizing cubes, prisms and optical isolators. Boules having high optical transmission and homogeneity are grown by proprietary method. Typical boules have 10 - 15 mm in dia. and up to 25 mm length. Optical elements sizes - from 2 x 2 x 1 mm to 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm. Laser grade polish quality is available for finished elements. So far we the largest elements that we manufactured are 12 x15 x 5 mm, in which optical axis is parallel to 15 mm edge, 5 mm is along beam path, 12 x 15 mm faces polished 20/10 S/D, one wave flatness, parallelism < 3 arc.min. (better specs. available on request).

more details - download brochure -
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Vacuum viewport

Del Mar Photonics offer a range of competitively priced UHV viewports , Conflat, ISO or KF including a variety of coatings to enhance performance. Del Mar Photonics viewports are manufactured using advanced techniques for control of special and critical processes, including 100 percent helium leak testing and x-ray measurements for metallization control. Windows Materials include: Fused silica, Quartz , Sapphire , MgF2, BaF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Pyrex. Standard Viewing diameters from .55" to 1.94 ".
Coating - a range of custom coatings can applied - which include
- Single QWOT
- Broad Band AR
- V coatings
- DLC (Diamond like coating)

more details - request a quote



Hydrogen Thyratrons are used in such devices as radars with different power levels, high-power pulsed technical, electrophysical, medical devices and lasers. Sophisticated design and high quality ceramic-metal envelope determines long lifetime and very accurate and reliable operation of hydrogen thyratrons under wide range of environmental conditions.
- radars
- pulsed  lasers power supplies
- medical apparatus
- electrophysical instrumentation

Triggered Three-Electrode Spark Gap Switches are ceramic-metal sealed off gas discharge trigatron-type devices with a co-axial trigger electrode. These Gas Discharge Tubes contain no mercury and, due to an advanced design, feature high reliability and a long lifetime being operating under wide range of environmental conditions.

- pulsed installation for processing materials
- installations with plasma focus
- pulse power supplies for lasers and other pulse equipment
- medical apparatus such as lithotriptors and defibrillators
- processing systems for petroleum wells
We are looking forward to hear from you and help you with your optical and crystal components requirements. Need time to think about it? Drop us a line and we'll send you beautiful Del Mar Photonics mug (or two) so you can have a tea party with your colleagues and discuss your potential needs.


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