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Ultrafast (Femtosecond) Dynamics Training Workshops

Del Mar Photonics has presented training workshops for customers and potential customers in the past 2 years.
Our workshops cover ultrafast dynamics measurements basics, technical details and provide an ample time for hands-on training.

Our one week training workshop in San Diego, CA will cover:

* Introduction to femtosecond laser systems and ultrafast dynamic tools
* Technical details of femtosecond lasers and measurement systems
* Technical and safety issues
* Hands-on training

The workshop is a three-day seminar from 10am to 4pm. It includes lunch, as well as a training binder. We have also two days reserved for Q&A sessions, one-on-one system discussions, social networking and San Diego sightseeing.

The workshop fee is $750 per person*. Workshops are limited (first come, first served) and require a minimum of 10 attendees, otherwise we reserve the right to reschedule.

There are no refunds on the registration fee, however credit to reschedule to a future workshop date is possible.

*We will credit you $500.00 of your paid workshop fee toward the purchase of your femtosecond laser system from Del Mar Photonics, Inc, if you purchase it within one year of your workshop attendance.

There is also a discount for multiple attendees from the same group; second and subsequent registrants will receive 20% off the registration fee.

Future nanostructures and biological nanosystems will take advantage not only of the small dimensions of the objects. The interactions of building blocks within these nanosystems will be optimized on a femtosecond time scale - says Sergey Egorov, President and CEO of Del Mar Photonics, Inc. That's why we put our efforts in developing new Ultrafast Dynamics Tools such as our Femtosecond Transient Absorption Measurements system Hatteras. Either you want to create a new photovoltaic system that will efficiently convert photon energy in charge separation, build a molecular complex that will dump photon energy into local heat to kill cancer cells or create a new fluorescent probe for FRET microscopy understanding of internal dynamics on femtosecond time scale requires advanced measurement techniques.

Upcoming summer - fall workshops:

 San Diego, CA:  San Diego, CA:  San Diego, CA:  San Diego, CA:

Mon - Thurs, July 7 - 11

Mon - Thurs, Aug. 4 - 8

Mon - Thurs, Sept. 8 -12

Mon - Thurs, Oct. 13 -17

E-mail today to request additional information and to reserve a spot.


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